Do Your Part to End Domestic Violence Now

The face of a woman in pain. She has bruises on her face.
Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

Gabby Petito — You likely know her name. She was initially reported as missing in August but not by her boyfriend, the last person known to be with her. Sadly, it’s probable that she’s most likely another tragic victim of domestic violence.

Statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence…

A WordPress cautionary tale

WordPress plugin dashboard
Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

You can create your own blog and have it up and running in minutes!

I had read that WordPress is the easiest platform for blogging, and if there’s a “Dummies” book about it, it must be true! That was before I tried it myself. Before getting started, I read Blogging All-in-One for Dummies, by Susan Gunelius. It all sounded like a piece of cake!

My husband and I just adopted a dog and it wasn’t exactly easy. Why is it so hard? This is our rescue dog-umentary.

Raven. Black and tan German Shepherd.
Raven. Photo credit: Anita Braun, Author

Pups running amok

As I was growing up, there were free puppies on every corner, or so it seemed. Many families couldn’t afford to have their pets fixed or didn’t care, so it just wasn’t done.

Our German Shorthair pointer had pups regularly; not because she was intentionally bred, she just “happened” to…

People riding a roller coaster upside down.
Photo by Stephen Hateley on Unsplash

6 Tips for You in This Hot Seller’s Market

“I’ve sent you some listings. Take a look at them and let me know which ones you want to see.” This was a text from our realtor as she found new listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that met our criteria. My husband and I would hop online and…

Floral Shade for a Whimsical Frog and Birds. Photo by Author.

Plus a simple DIY floral design you can make

When my now-husband and I were dating long-distance, he sent me a box of two dozen roses in a rainbow of colors; red, pink, yellow, white, orange, etc. All of the ladies in the office where I worked came over to my desk to check them out.

When I called…

Aged roman numeral clock.
Photo by Andrey Bond on Unsplash

Sage advice from “Dear Abby”

I remember while in my early 30’s I was reading a “Dear Abby” column. She had a syndicated advice column in newspapers across the country. (If you are if you’re unfamiliar with her, here’s her bio.)

A woman had written in asking for advice about going back to college. She…

An open letter to the Social Media CEOs

Man with chin in palm, thinking. Photo by Kazi Mizan on Unsplash
Photo by Kazi Mizan on Unsplash

Dear Leader,

That is not a term of endearment, but a nod to the ruler of the Hermit Kingdom who tells his captives only what he wants them to know. Is that your goal?

I had a math teacher in high school who would ask us questions about algebraic equations…

Curious about CBD? Read on.

Raw CBD, a brownish red color
Raw CBD. Photo taken by the author, Anita Braun.

We used to own a gift shop in our little town. When we started manufacturing and selling CBD products, people would often come into the store for it, but be afraid to ask for it. …

and how joining one could help you too.

Writing Above the Clouds Writers Group. Photo credit: Anita Braun, author

“Is that a travelogue?”

I had just finished reading aloud the intro to a book my husband and I were co-writing. …

A glance back on my July 4th celebrations in the 1970s

We’d wake at the crack of dawn to the clank of metal on metal, the chug and cough of a generator roaring to life, and the voices of the carnies as they prepared to assemble all of the rides.

Poster announcing the upcoming carnival and bonfire. Used with permission from the Kingston Library.

My brothers would be the first ones there, along with their…

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